This application allows access to labor market data. Most recent published data at the statewide level is displayed on this screen. Programs may not display data for all areas due to the unavailability of estimates at all geographic levels. Data is produced by LEAD (Labor & Economic Analysis Division) of the North Carolina Department of Commerce under contract with the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) except for: National estimates, which are produced solely by the BLS; all Business Closings, and CES employment estimates for the Goldsboro and Jacksonville MSAs, which are produced solely by the LEAD. Please note the Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages program data for the Charlotte-Concord-Gastonia, NC-SC MSA only includes geographic and industry data for NC. 

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Local Area Unemployment Statistics (LAUS)

Area : North Carolina       Information         
Period: 2017, May (Revised, Benchmark: 2016)

Current Employment Statistics (CES)

Area : North Carolina    Information      
Mining and Logging 5.75.7
Construction 203.2203.0
Manufacturing 461.7464.7
Trade, Transportation, and Utilities 817.6817.6
Information 74.374.6
Financial Activities 230.9231.0
Professional and Business Services 634.1634.4
Education and Health Services 595.0593.8
Leisure and Hospitality Services 499.5487.4
Other Services 156.9157.0
Government 750.2728.7
Period: 2017, May (Benchmark: 2016)

Quarterly Census Employment and Wages (QCEW)

Area : North Carolina             Information      
Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing & Hunting6,12656,360512,135,162155,176,286
Mining 4265,50084,480,6306,850,598
Utilities 96630,324638,002,57417,690,832
Construction 51,206408,3145,572,581,8341,121,901,834
Manufacturing 20,488929,22813,243,543,2001,675,529,502
Wholesale Trade 40,042369,6906,665,310,928697,848,934
Retail Trade 68,6421,030,0647,132,644,3422,539,003,850
Transportation and Warehousing 14,714294,6523,581,400,362611,901,350
Information 9,928160,9733,015,706,476252,229,072
Finance and Insurance 29,272331,6147,012,506,784525,320,294
Real Estate and Rental and Leasing 24,124114,2891,463,912,402298,014,426
Professional and Technical Services 73,914472,5429,882,599,9121,040,944,722
Management of Companies and Enterprises 3,368167,6243,920,538,590448,969,022
Administrative and Waste Services 37,148598,4385,363,989,6122,151,113,176
Educational Services 12,404775,6968,611,106,014226,026,180
Health Care and Social Assistance 48,2141,218,67515,442,257,5281,951,526,702
Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation 8,012141,8661,217,533,788245,416,294
Accommodation and Food Services 41,048827,4403,536,862,0482,280,651,684
Other Services, Ex. Public Admin 44,616216,2401,888,057,364523,964,466
Public Administration 5,286487,0325,969,598,8383,307,004
"Unclassified establishments"     
Period: 2016, 04 Qtr

Occupational Employment and Wages in North Carolina (OES)

Area : North Carolina             Information      
Total All occupations 874,231,020$9.49$21.77$27.91
Management Occupations 86180,470$30.28$58.50$72.61
Business and Financial Operations Occupations 85208,340$20.01$34.81$42.22
Computer and Mathematical Occupations 84125,030$23.23$40.52$49.17
Architecture and Engineering Occupations 8761,830$21.80$37.12$44.78
Life, Physical, and Social Science Occupations 8833,800$18.44$32.57$39.63
Community and Social Services Occupations 9149,510$14.35$21.13$24.52
Legal Occupations 8922,010$17.03$45.75$60.11
Education, Training, and Library Occupations 90266,340$12.43$23.24$28.64
Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media Occ8740,760$11.86$25.37$32.12
Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations90265,870$17.64$35.94$45.09
Healthcare Support Occupations 90153,090$8.82$12.80$14.78
Protective Service Occupations 89102,560$10.47$17.58$21.14
Food Preparation and Serving Related Occupations 88412,150$8.29$10.21$11.17
Building & Grounds Cleaning & Maintenance Occup. 89130,920$8.32$11.82$13.56
Personal Care and Service Occupations 89108,400$8.28$11.97$13.82
Sales and Related Occupations 86454,500$8.39$19.11$24.48
Office and Administrative Support Occupations 87630,420$10.59$16.68$19.73
Farming, Fishing, and Forestry Occupations 899,360$9.08$15.00$17.96
Construction and Extraction Occupations 87147,430$12.18$18.59$21.79
Installation, Maintenance, and Repair Occupations 87175,420$13.15$21.28$25.34
Production Occupations 88344,780$9.97$16.31$19.48
Transportation and Material Moving Occupations 86308,040$9.31$15.35$18.38
Period: 2017